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Christianity and Ecology

A research guide for materials relating to eco-theology, ecological ethics, and the practice of ecological movements.

-- Orthodox Icon, Christ at the Creation of the World


Welcome to BPL's Christianity and Ecology Research Guide!

This guide is designed to help students and researchers find library materials and research pathways on ecology from the perspective of Christian theology, ethics, and practice. The topics reflected in the guide express the breadth of potential engagement between Christianity and ecology, including fields such as environmental ethics, eco-feminism, and ecology & the Bible. Each page is designed as a starting point for further exploration.

How to Use this Guide

Where possible, this guide includes "starting point" resources on each topic. Often, each page contains a short list of overview resources to help researchers get started learning about that field of inquiry. Additionally, sections include “key works” which are representative of major scholarly perspectives in that field. These works are frequently the most influential in their area, and so have sparked a continued scholarly conversation.

There are also finding aids in each section. These aids list subject headings relevant to that topic. Students and researchers should use those subject headings as search terms within the library catalog to retrieve only the most relevant results. Additionally, there is a list of call numbers that can aid in browsing the stacks, which is another great way to discover resources on a topic.

Meet with a Librarian

Librarians are here to partner with you at any stage of your project.

The BPL Library Staff is always eager to aid students and researchers in this area. Librarians can help you identify resources for your topic or develop a search strategy to find the best materials. To contact a librarian, email The library staff is here to serve and resource your studies.

Introductory Works