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Christian Ethics

A research and resource guide for library materials on Christian Ethics.

Social Witness / Public Policy

Starting Point Works on Christianity and Politics:

Finding Aid

Subject Headings:

Use these in the library catalog by defining your search as a "subject" search. If doing an advanced search, you can add additional keywords or terms on the second or third lines to further specify results. These terms can also be used in the ATLA Religion Database.

Call Numbers:

Use this list to aid in browsing the stacks.

  • BR 115 .P7 (Christianity and Politics)
  • BS 670 - 672 (Social Teachings in the Bible)
  • BS 680 .J8 (Justice in the Bible)
  • BS 2655 .P64 (Politics and the Pauline Epistles)
  • BT 83.59 (Political Theology)
  • BT 83.63 (Public Theology)
  • BT 738 - 738.5 (Theology and Various Social Issues)
  • BV 625 (Church and Society)
  • BV 4235 .P7 (Politics in the Pulpit)
  • HN 30 - 39 (Church and Social Problems)


These journals contain articles on political theology. The links direct researchers to an ATLA Religion Database search for articles contained within these journals. Add search terms to further specify results.