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Episcopal Congregation History Research Guide

This guide is for researchers who are searching for historical information about a particular Episcopal congregation.

Advanced Sources

These sources are considered "advanced" because they require often detailed research in order to locate relevant information about a specific parish. Researchers should investigate whether their parish is treated by these sources.

Diocesan Journals:

The library holds copies of many diocesan journals from around the Episcopal Church. Editions from 1886 - present are held in the open stacks on the periodical shelving on the lower level, organized alphabetically by name of the diocese. Pre-1886 diocesan journals are held in closed stacks. Please consult with a member of the library staff about access to the latter. These journals include parochial reports. 

Diocesan Newspapers:

Similarly, the library holds some collections of diocesan newspapers from around the Episcopal Church. Some dioceses have digitized their newspapers, and it is often more efficient to check on the diocesan website first before searching the BPL physical copies. These newspapers are held in the open stacks, organized alphabetically by name of the diocese, on the periodical shelving on the bottom floor.

Episcopal Newspapers:
Clergy Biographies:

Clergy biographies often contain information about the parishes they lead, and so may be a source of information on a parish. Please see the library's guide to Episcopal Clergy Biographical Research.