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Online Bookstore: 2023

Welcome to Virginia Theological Seminary's online bookstore. Assigned texts for VTS courses are listed on this guide. To locate the textbooks for a class, click on the tab for the correct academic term. Mouse-over a tab to see the classes for a term.

December 2023

Rode Molla, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Berryman Family Chair for Children’s Spirituality and Nurture is reading the following:

November 2023

Dr. Elizabeth DeGaynor, Assistant Professor of Practical Theology and Christian Formation is reading the following:

July/August 2023

Stephen L. Cook, famed Episcopalian Bible Geek, is reading the following books when instead he really should be working on his stupendous new Daniel commentary:

May 2023

The Rev. James W. Farwell, Ph.D., Professor of Theology and Liturgy, Director of Anglican Studies is reading the following books:

March 2023

Linda L. Dienno, Vice President for Institutional Advancement and Interim Director of Communications is reading the following:

January 2023

The Rev. E. Ross Kane, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Theology, Ethics, and Culture and Director of Doctoral Programs is reading the following:

September/October 2023

Mitzi Budde, Head Librarian and the Arthur Carl Lichtenberger Chair in Theological Research is reading the following:

June 2023

The Rev. Judy Fentress-Williams, Ph.D., Dodge Professor of Biblical Interpretation is reading the following books:

April 2023

Elisabeth (Lisa) M. Kimball, Ph.D., Vice President for Lifelong Learning and the James Maxwell Professor Chair of Lifelong Christian Formation is reading the following books.

If there is a through line in my picks this season, it is "echoes of my life.” I have chosen a diverse collection of books that distill some of my passions as an interdisciplinary scholar and lover of adventure. 

February 2023

Dr. Robert S. Heaney Ph.D, D.Phil, Professor of Theology and Mission is reading the following books: