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Exegesis Resources

A guide for students and researchers interpreting biblical texts. This guide includes original language resources, exegetical tools, and guidance on scholarly commentary and interpretation.

Best Series - General Use

These commentary series are all well-regarded, and can form the foundation for any interpretative work. Each volume will be a reliable guide to its respective book of the Bible. Where available, the links below will take you to a catalog search for the commentary series.

Anchor Yale Bible Commentaries

  • The series contains mainline biblical criticism from a broad range of critical perspectives, often offering traditional commentary, interpretation, and original language analysis. Classified as a set: BS 192.2 A1 G3.

Old Testament / New Testament Library

  • This series is full of mainline scholarship, with commentaries by scholars of international standing. Many classic treatments of books of the Bible are found in here. Classified Individually by Book of the Bible.


  • This series is designed as a teaching and preaching resource for an ecclesial context. It falls in-between traditional criticism and exposition. Many commentators of international renown. Classified Individually by Book of the Bible.

Berit Olam (Hebrew Bible) / Sacra Pagina (New Testament)

  • This series focuses on the final form of the texts (canonical criticism), with a special interest in matters relating to literary interpretation. It works extremely well as a complement to series with different critical or disciplinary approaches. Classified Individually by Book of the Bible.

Belief Theological Commentaries

  • The Belief series contains commentaries on the Bible from the perspective of theology. The authors are all academic theologians, bridging the divide between traditional biblical studies and practical theology. Classified Individually by Book of the Bible.

Abingdon Old Testament & New Testament Commentaries

  • Commentaries in this series aim to provide critical guides for pastors and seminary students. Generally, books in the series provide background information to the text as well as exegetical tools for interpretation. The series is a middle ground between advanced scholarly critical commentaries and practical interpretive commentaries. Classified Individually by Book of the Bible.

Smyth & Helwys Bible Commentaries

  • Designed for both students and scholars, this series aims to provide in-depth scholarship alongside accessible treatments of interpretive issues. Classified Individually by Book of the Bible.