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Exegesis Resources

A guide for students and researchers interpreting biblical texts. This guide includes original language resources, exegetical tools, and guidance on scholarly commentary and interpretation.

Textual Guides/Commentaries

Textual Commentaries (note: different from regular "commentaries") are books that provide a commentary on various text-critical issues of the New Testament. These include manuscript variants, word order changes, or differences in conjugation, etc. The library has two textual commentaries: Bruce Metzger's Textual Commentary, and Roger Omanson's Textual Guide, which is itself a revision and expansion of Metzger's.

Handbooks on the Greek New Testament Series

This is a partial series of books on each book of the New Testament, designed as a handbook for interpreters and translators. Each edition will cover major text-critical issues in its book of the Bible. 

For example, here is the edition on 1 Peter:

UBS Help for Translators Series

The United Bible Society published many substantive individual volumes on translation issues in books of the Bible. Some of these editions are older, but still reliable. Use the link above to browse titles in the series.