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Exegesis Resources

A guide for students and researchers interpreting biblical texts. This guide includes original language resources, exegetical tools, and guidance on scholarly commentary and interpretation.

Original Language Focused Series

Commentaries in this area provide close analysis of the original languages in their interpretations. Where available, links below take you to a catalog search for that series.


  • This series provides critical/historical commentary with a focus on text-criticism and the history of interpretation. It also heavily relies on knowledge of original languages, and therefore attempts a level of comprehensiveness relative to other series. Classified individually by book of the Bible.

International Critical Commentary

  • These commentaries aim to provide background and analysis of the text from a range of perspectives, textual, literary, archaeological, or theological.

Word Biblical Commentaries

  • These commentaries are exegetical in nature, designed for readers with knowledge of the original languages. Each pericope is discussed in relation to redaction, form, and source criticism. Classified as a set. See: BS 491.2 .W924.

New International Greek Testament Commentaries (NIGTC)

  • This series is exegetical in nature, offering verse-by-verse commentary on the pericope's underlying historical, linguistic, and textual context. Classified Individually by book of the Bible.