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Exegesis Resources

A guide for students and researchers interpreting biblical texts. This guide includes original language resources, exegetical tools, and guidance on scholarly commentary and interpretation.

Commentary Series

JPS Torah Commentaries
  • Each volume in this series from the Jewish Publication Society is written by a distinguished Hebrew Bible scholar. Commentators interact with both classical and modern Jewish scholarship. Classified as a set: BS 1225.3 .J59 vols. 1-5.
JPS Bible Commentaries
  • These commentaries are identical in format to the Torah commentaries, but offer commentary on other books within the Hebrew Bible. Classified Individually by Book of the Bible.

Jewish Exegesis

These resources offer Jewish perspectives or commentary on Scripture.

Introductions to Jewish Exegesis:

Finding Aids:
  • Books on Judaism are located in the BM section of the library on the upper level. 
  • For historical Jewish interpretations of specific characters in the Bible, try the "In Rabbinical Literature" subject heading.
  • There are several subject headings for Midrash on a particular book of the Bible. See "Midrash" and browse the list.
  • Encyclopedia of Midrash: this 2 volume work contains chapters on Midrash approaches to various books of the Bible. REF BM 514 .E56 2005 v.1-2.
  • Literary Criticism (see the linked guide. Many pioneers of the modern literary approach to scripture are Jewish).
Online Resource:

Journal Articles

These journals offer Jewish commentary and interpretation of the Hebrew Bible. The links below direct researches to a search for articles within each journal. Supply additional keywords to narrow your search.