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Exegesis Resources

A guide for students and researchers interpreting biblical texts. This guide includes original language resources, exegetical tools, and guidance on scholarly commentary and interpretation.

Theological Commentary Series

Series with a theological focus will interpret the Bible with attention given primarily to theological issues. Many commentaries in this area are written by trained theologians rather than biblical scholars. Where available, the links below will take you to a catalog search for that series.

Belief Theological Commentaries

  • The Belief series contains commentaries on the Bible from the perspective of theology. The authors are all academic theologians, bridging the divide between traditional biblical studies and practical theology. Classified Individually by Book of the Bible.

Brazos Theological Commentaries

  • Each volume in this series is written by a trained theologian. Methodologies differ, however, and these volumes will contain various interpretative approaches. The general guiding principle for each author's contribution is that doctrine and theology can guide interpretation. Classified Individually by Book of the Bible.