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Exegesis Resources

A guide for students and researchers interpreting biblical texts. This guide includes original language resources, exegetical tools, and guidance on scholarly commentary and interpretation.

Finding Biblical Studies Resources in the Library Catalog

Here are a few useful tips when searching for Biblical Studies resources:

Search Terms

Performing a "Subject" search is a quick way to locate all of the relevant material on a particular subject. Biblical Studies resources are often formatted in a handful of repeated "subject terms."

To find commentaries on a particular book of the Bible:

  • Search the catalog (limit your search by "subject") for: Bible. [specific Book] Commentaries. (for example, searching: Bible. Hebrews Commentaries, will take you to a list of all commentaries on the Book of Hebrews.
  • If you know the commentary series you'd like to search, use this search format in the catalog: [Commentary Series] AND [Book of the Bible].

To find scholarly monographs on issues within books of the Bible:

  • Search the catalog (limit your search by "subject") for: Bible. [specific Book] Criticism, Interpretation. (for example, searching: Bible. Hebrews Criticism, Interpretation, will take you to a list of secondary literature on the Book of Hebrews)

To find resources on linguistic, rhetorical, or literary issues within books of the Bible:

  • Search the catalog (limit your search by "subject") for: Bible. [specific Book] Language, Style. (for example, searching: Bible. Hebrews Language, Style, will take you to a list of resources dealing with literary or rhetorical issues in the Book of Hebrews)

Bibliographies -- Biblical Studies

Oxford Bibliographies

Oxford Bibliographies is a web-based tool for discovering important works on topics in Biblical Studies. Click the link above to access.

Each topic contains an annotated bibliography of resources curated by an expert scholar in that area. This tool is a great way to discover significant scholarship on specific books of the Bible. For help using Oxford Bibliographies, reach out to a member of the library staff:


Here's an example of what each page looks like. The table of contents is on the left-hand side, or you can scroll up and down on the page itself. Each link contains a "find this resource" link which directs you to the library catalog to see if it's in our collection.

Shelf Browsing

Browsing the physical shelves is an effective way to supplement searching the library catalog to discover resources. Our books are organized by subject, using call numbers. These call numbers are like addresses for a book -- each successive line provides more detail (like going from State --> City --> Street ---> House Number.) The library staffer working the circulation desk can always help you locate resources.

Use the call number ranges below to find books in Biblical Studies:

Old Testament

BS 1143 Hebrew Bible as a whole
BS 1201 Historical books
BS 1221 Pentateuch (Torah)
BS 1231 Genesis
BS 1241 Exodus
BS 1251 Leviticus
BS 1261 Numbers
BS 1271 Deuteronomy
BS 1286 Prophets (Nevi'im) in general
BS 1286.5 Former Prophets
BS 1291 Joshua
BS 1301 Judges
BS 1308 The Writings (Ketuvim)
BS 1309 Five Scrolls
BS 1311 Ruth
BS 1321 Samuel
BS 1331 Kings
BS 1341 Chronicles
BS 1351 Ezra
BS 1361 Nehemiah
BS 1371 Esther
BS 1401 Poetical books
BS 1411 Job
BS 1419 Psalms
BS 1461 Proverbs
BS 1471 Ecclesiastes
BS 1481 Song of Solomon
BS 1501 Prophetic books (Latter Prophets); Major Prophets
BS 1511 Isaiah
BS 1521 Jeremiah
BS 1531 Lamentations
BS 1541 Ezekiel
BS 1551 Daniel
BS 1560 Minor Prophets
BS 1561 Hosea
BS 1571 Joel
BS 1581 Amos
BS 1591 Obadiah
BS 1601 Jonah
BS 1611 Micah
BS 1621 Nahum
BS 1631 Habakkuk
BS 1641 Zephaniah
BS 1651 Haggai
BS 1661 Zechariah
BS 1671 Malachi
BS 1691 O.T. Apocrypha
BS 1830 O.T. Pseudepigrapha

New Testament

BS 2333 N.T. as a whole
BS 2548 Gospels and Acts
BS 2549 Gospels
BS 2570 Matthew
BS 2580 Mark
BS 2589 Luke and Acts
BS 2590 Luke
BS 2610 John
BS 2626 Acts
BS 2630 Epistles
BS 2640 Pauline Epistles
BS 2660 Romans
BS 2670 Corinthians
BS 2680 Galatians
BS 2690 Ephesians
BS 2700 Philippians
BS 2710 Colossians
BS 2720 Thessalonians
BS 2730 Pastoral Epistles
BS 2740 Timothy
BS 2750 Titus
BS 2760 Philemon
BS 2770 Hebrews
BS 2777 General or Catholic Epistles
BS 2780 James
BS 2790 Peter
BS 2800 John
BS 2810 Jude
BS 2820 Revelation